Sustainability Report 2020

Lion is committed to doing the right thing for the long term.

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Our Sustainability Approach

Our approach aims to strengthen the resilience of the communities in which we operate, champion responsible use of our products, and ensures our environmental legacy has a positive impact now and for future generations.

This report, our first prepared in accordance with GRI principles since 2017, provides an insight into Lion's sustainability ambitions, commitments and performance, a journey we are very proud to be on.

Key Highlights Of 2020

*These amounts are not inclusive of Lion Drinks & Dairy who were part of the business at this time.
*These amounts are not inclusive of Lion Drinks & Dairy who were part of the business at this time.
Community pillar


Lion is committed to having a positive impact on the community. Guided by our core purpose of championing sociability and helping people to live well, we engage and build relationships with our people, customers, consumers, suppliers and community partners to make a difference where we can.

environment pillar


We collaborate across our supply chain to support a healthy planet by minimising our water use, reducing our carbon emissions and promoting circular economy solutions for our packaging.

Responsibility pillar


Acting responsibly as an alcohol producer is foundational to our social licence to operate. This pillar ensures we produce, market and label our products in line with our values and community standards, and guides how we protect human rights in our supply chain.

Our Commitments

Sustainability is a key part of who we are

Our Sustainability Approach

At Lion, we define our core purpose – our central objective – not in terms of shareholder returns, but as the value we deliver for society.

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Our Policies & Reporting

We take transparency and accountability seriously which is why we report publicly on different parts of our business.

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Governance & Transparency

Governance is essential to the current and long-term sustainability of Lion; there is a close link between strong governance and growth in business performance.

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Our Brands

Ordering with Lion

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