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Get the Facts on Alcohol

The real prize in tackling misuse is a whole-of-community effort to champion positive social behaviour and consumption, while ensuring people have the information they need to make good choices when they are drinking.

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Every woman who has children, or is planning to, needs to know what impact alcohol can have on conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is not yet known how much alcohol is safe to drink when you are pregnant. However, it is known that the risk of damage to your baby increases the more you drink and that binge drinking is especially harmful.



Therefore, drinking no alcohol is the safest choice for your baby and this is a message Lion has committed to promoting on our alcohol containers.

If you drank small amounts of alcohol before you knew you were pregnant, and are concerned for the welfare of your unborn child, please consult your GP for further advice.

More information can be found at DrinkWise Australia or Cheers!