8 May, 2023

    “How Do You Feel?” Iconic Aussie Jingle For Tooheys Returns As ‘Newstalgia’ Trend Peaks

    Lion Australia

    23, April, 2023, One of Australia’s classic jingles, the Tooheys iconic “How do you feel?”, is making its comeback this month, nearly four decades since its release. Instantly recognisable by millions across the country, and sung in pubs, bars and sporting fields nationwide, the jingle has been brought back for a new generation to create new meaning and memories.

    The latest iteration of the iconic jingle has re-entered Aussie culture alongside the rising consumer trend for ‘newstalgia’ (new nostalgia), a craving for past products and experiences in the present.

    New South Wales native and local favourite beer brand, Tooheys, has revived its “How do you feel?” jingle for the latest generation of Millennial and Gen Z Aussie beer drinkers, who are increasingly choosing classic Australian beers and the stories connected to them.

    Chris Allan, Head of Marketing - Core Beer of Lion Australia, said bringing back the jingle reflects the consumer desire to experience something familiar, particularly in a post-pandemic context:

    “For lots of Australians, the Tooheys jingle made its mark culturally and will no doubt evoke great memories for those who remember it. We feel the next generations of Tooheys drinkers will also respond well to the new, contemporary twist on the iconic brand.”

    The thirst for newstalgia is seen in drinking habits too, with Tooheys selling more than 50 million schooners in the last year**, a testament to the popularity of the brand for over 154 years.

    Kaine Bayfield, publican at The Dee Why Hotel, aka ‘The Pub’, said there’s been an increase in consumption of classic beers by customers, “Four decades ago, Tooheys New was one of only three brands available at The Pub. Now, we’re serving over 40 beers on tap, but drinkers are continuing to opt for classic options like Tooheys New.”
    The original “How do you feel?” jingle was created for Tooheys by celebrated advertising agency, Mojo. Agency co-founder Allan ‘Jo’ Johnston was involved in the newly launched jingle, and even makes a cameo appearance in one of the latest TV commercials as a cheering onlooker. A range of Tooheys workers, from sales to brewery staff, also lended their vocals for the new jingle.

    “We’re thrilled that we can leverage this iconic asset for an iconic brand no matter the generation,’’ concluded Mr. Allan.

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