6 September, 2022

    Heineken® Seemingly Misprints Its Horizontal Brewing Story In New Campaign

    To celebrate its tailor-made horizontal brewing process, Heineken®, has released a new interactive out of home campaign to support the brands already successful ‘Credentials’ campaign.

    Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, the campaign pays tribute to one of the many quality credentials of the beer, horizontal brewing, which differentiates Heineken from others allowing its signature A-Yeast to thrive, producing the perfect first sip.

    Showcasing the benefits of this brewing technique the campaign displays a horizontal flavour story that is too big for its vertical placements. The vertical outdoor placements only partially describe Heineken’s® quality credentials – the full story running off the edges of the vertical ads, leaving consumers with only part of the message to view. To unlock Heineken’s® full flavour story, viewers of the outdoor placements can scan a QR code on their mobile devices to be directed to a horizontal experience detailing the full horizontal brewing story.

    Willemijn Sneep, Heineken® Australia Country Manager says: “The aim is for people to understand the brewing techniques that bring them that refreshing first sip. Focusing on the unique benefits of horizontal brewing brings to life the functional point of difference of Heineken for consumers.”

    Piero Ruzzene, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia says: “While most beers brew in vertical tanks, Heineken® brews in horizontal ones. And, where most beers would simply tell you this, Heineken® decided to run with what seems to be one big media mistake in order to engage beer lovers with their key point of difference.

    “The media partnership with UM have ensured the placements are right near Heineken® stockists so people could taste the difference. It’s a refreshing approach to a usually dry part of beer advertising.”

    Client: Heineken
    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Australia
    Media: UM