3 June, 2022

    Little Creatures Unveils Its 2022 Gabs Limited Release, The Big Blender Pineapple And Dragonfruit Smoothie Hazy IPA

    Fresh off the back of last year’s hugely successful Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular beer, the Espresso Stoutini, Little Creatures is back bigger and better than ever with the Big Blender, a Pineapple and Dragonfruit Smoothie Hazy IPA.

    You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love a juicy, creamy smoothie and this year Little Creatures has given beer lovers their own take on the smoothie trend with their its Big Blender stand at GABS in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

    Starting with a base of Hazy Imperial IPA on nitro, the beer is then blended with various fruits, juices and gelato combinations to make beer smoothies, or ‘Broothies’. From mango, pineapple to dragonfruit and banana or mango and passionfruit, there is a flavour to suit all tastes.

    Little Creatures Craft Beer Ambassador Paul Daley spoke about the inspiration behind the Broothies:

    “For decades Australians have been obsessing over delicious, fruitful, juicy smoothies and Little Creatures has been inspired by this to create our own beer smoothie, or Broothie. Whether it is the Banana Bling, the Mango Crush, or the Passion Mango, we have created a beer spin on everyone’s favourite smoothie flavour!”

    In response to consumer demand and the huge popularity of this innovative beer serve, Little Creatures will release one of its most successful and in-demand Broothies into pack, the Pineapple and Dragonfruit Smoothie Hazy IPA.

    ‘Big Blender’ mashes our super juicy Hazy IPA together with the zippy tartness of pineapple and delicately sweet dragonfruit to create a smooth and spiky fruit ‘Broothie’ that’ll make your mouth go BOOM! Because if you want big taste, you’re going to need a Big Blender!

    Russ Gosling, Head Brewer at Little Creatures Fremantle explains why he was drawn to brewing this pineapple and dragonfruit smoothie combination and the challenging process in capturing the creamy smoothie texture in the beer.

    “The two fruits, when combined, provide great flavour and visual appeal. The vibrant pink colour to the beer is very inviting in the glass and we made a tweak to our hazy recipe to deliver some additional creaminess and texture by utilising some clear Candi sugar, which helped maintain balance.”

    The Big Blender will be available in four-pack cans and 24-pack cases from June.

    To be made available exclusively in Dan Murphy’s nationally, the Big Blender (6% ABV) will have an RRP of $21 for a four-pack of cans, or $93 for a 24 pack.

    Missed your chance to try our exclusive Big Blenders at GABS Festival? We will be touring the stand around Australia in select Dan Murphy’s stores and at our Little Creatures venues. See below for dates:

    Dan Murphy’s South Melbourne VIC – June 17th (4-7pm) and June 18th (2-5pm)
    Dan Murphy’s Leichardt NSW – June 17th (4-7pm) and June 18th (2-5pm)
    Little Creatures Geelong – Mid July; keep an eye out on our socials for updates
    Little Creatures Fremantle – Mid July; keep an eye out on our socials for updates



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