20 April, 2020

    Lion is proud to Support Your Local through this uncertain time and into recovery

    James Brindley

    The people of Lion have worked tirelessly to provide support for licensed venues across Australia during these challenging times, and I would like to thank everyone for their commitment in executing the Support Your Local campaign.

    In March, we announced immediate support for pubs and offered credit and free of charge pick-up for full and unused kegs. To date Lion has credited more than 4,000 customers nationally, a total of $23.5 million for over 85,000 unused and capped kegs. Over the weekend, we announced our partnership with the AHA to allow venues to sell take-away draught beer and already there is 10,000 growlers and 500 dispensers on the way to hundreds of pubs across NSW, totally free of charge, with many more being rolled out nation-wide over the coming weeks. We have also supported pubs with cleaning procedures for their draught beer systems to keep them in working order, ready and able to open up quickly again when the time comes. So committed to the cause, our team has been doing all this vital work from home. It has been an extraordinary effort and is a true testament to the hard work and commitment of Lion’s people. Thank you, and I look forward to sharing a draught beer with you all as soon as it is safe to do so!

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