13 February, 2019

Turning fruit into beer – a peach of an idea!

Our craft brewers are always seeking opportunities to innovate and experiment with new flavours and styles, from coffee, to coconut and even chilli – and the latest addition is surplus premium peaches, otherwise headed for landfill.

Alastair Gillespie, head brewer at the Byron Bay Brewery™, had been exploring the use of fruit in his sour beers for a while, aiming to balance the brew with a summery, fruity flavour.

Then along came Yume, Australia’s first online marketplace for surplus food stock, designed to reduce food waste. Yume had a surplus of wonky peaches that an Australian manufacturer couldn’t use, so they processed them into a paste - which provided the key ingredient for Byron Bay Brewery’s limited batch of peach beer.

Alastair Gillespie tells the story:

“The paste sounded perfect for our sour beer, so we asked for a delivery to Byron. However, we soon realised that the sludgy, jam-like peach substance would get stuck if we tried to pump it into our fermenter, so we reverted to traditional methods – adding the peach into the fermenter scoop by scoop. Once inside, our yeast started chomping through the pulp, turning the fruit’s sugars into alcohol, as it refermented over several weeks. When we first tasted it, we were struck by its amazing peachy aroma, lightness and vibrant colour.”

Alastair says the peach sour beer is going down very well with the locals in Byron:

“A good sour beer is like that friend you have who gets along with everyone. Beer fans love the layers of flavours in a sour, while non-beer drinkers love its similarity to cider and kombucha. And everyone can agree - diverting premium Australian peaches from landfill and into beer, brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘enjoying beer responsibly.’”

Yume connects manufactures and farmers with quality, surplus stock with buyers in the food industry. 2.2 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in Australia by commercial food businesses and manufacturers. Tackling food waste helps to support Australian farmers, minimise landfill and greenhouse gas emissions, whilst building a robust and sustainable supply chain. Yume’s mission is to create a world without waste by brokering the sale of surplus food. Yume’s unique closed loop model was highlighted on ABC’s War On Waste in 2018.

Lion is excited to explore further partnership opportunities with Yume – stay tuned for more unique brews.


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