8 June, 2012

Hahn Academy asks Aussies for bold beer ideas


June 8, 2012

Bacon flavoured beer, a rubber bottle to prevent breakage, and pick-up lines on a bottle cap. These are among some of the suggestions that Hahn has received so far as part of its new Hahn Academy campaign, inviting people to think, imagine and even create bold new beer ideas by submitting them via the Hahn Academy website.

Whatever the idea may be, Hahn Academy wants to hear about it and is currently challenging people (aged 18 and older) to come up with the next great beer innovation. If an idea captures the attention of Hahn innovators, it could be tested, refined and even prototyped by the Hahn Academy.

Ideas can be submitted at and each month an idea will be chosen, with the winner receiving $1,000 gift card and a chance to see their idea brought to life. Five runners up also will receive $45 gift card.

Launched earlier this year, Hahn Academy is all about what the team at Hahn call ‘pioneering beering’.

Jon Bradshaw, Brand Director at Lion said: “When it comes to brewing, Hahn has always taken an unconventional approach, challenging the frontiers of contemporary brewing. In many ways we are a pioneer. When people said you couldn’t create a great tasting light beer, we developed Hahn Premium Light. When they said low carb beers were for girls, we created Hahn Super Dry.”

According to Bradshaw, Hahn’s approach is about continually challenging convention.

“We’re always open for new ideas so we decided to cast the net wider and ask Aussies what they want from their beer. From this, the Hahn Academy was born. The most exciting part is that we may be able to actually run with the ideas and bring them to life,” Bradshaw said.

The Hahn team is currently looking at the first winning idea – bacon flavoured beer – and has begun to work with their brewers to create the perfect recipe. “When it’s ready we’ll be sure to send it to our winner to see if the concept is as good on paper as it is in real life,” Bradshaw said.

More recently the team has been innovating with new brews, developing Hahn Harvest, based on feedback from their drinkers which showed that they want variety and flavour in their beers. “It’s just another example of pioneering beering,” Bradshaw said.

Idea submissions for Hahn Academy will be open until the end of September.


To check out some of the suggestions or to submit an idea visit

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Notes to editors:

About Hahn Harvest

The Hahn Brewers love finding ways to make beer even better and Hahn Harvest is a case in point. They have used the finest ingredients to create a smooth, full flavoured Australian Ale, honey gold in colour with subtle hops, slightly fruity aroma and a balance of distinctive malt character and sweetness.

Hahn Harvest is available exclusively at Woolworths Group for $17.00 RRP for a 6-pack or $46.00 RRP for a carton of 24.

About Hahn

Hahn is one of Australia’s leading brewers and launched in 1986 with its first beer Hahn Premium. Taking its name from brewer Charles ‘Chuck’ Hahn, Hahn has always had a focus on innovation and challenging convention and since launching the team has released a number of new brews including Hahn Premium Light (1998), Hahn Super Dry (2006), Hahn Super Dry 3.5 (2009) and now Hahn Harvest (2012).

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