At Lion, sustainability is about how we do business

While we look to grow our business and build on our marketplace success, we are guided by our core purpose ‘Enrich our world every day by championing sociability and helping people to live well’. At Lion, sustainability is about considering not just our economic growth potential but also the social and environmental implications of the decisions we make.

We invest in our core strategic asssets – our people, brands, production facilities and supply chains – to drive long-term sustainable growth. 

Our business exists within the community, not outside it. As a member of our community it is our responsibility to preserve the natural resources we rely on for current and future generations, and encourage the healthy and responsible enjoyment of our products. And when our products are misused in ways that are fundamentally at odds with our core purpose, we must be part of the solution to tackle this misuse.

Our pursuit of responsible sustainable growth is clearly articulated in the following areas:

Our People

Lion’s ability to achieve great results for the long term is underpinned by what we term our ‘achievement culture’. We believe that developing strong leaders and encouraging constructive behaviours is key to successful growth. The way we behave is also integral to building trusting relationships, which is why we place as much emphasis on behaviour as we do on results.

We don’t value short-term results that are achieved in the wrong way. We develop our people to help them be the best they can be, really make a difference, and have a great time doing it. To this end, we support them to find ways to enhance their wellbeing and flourish as individuals. By building a company that our people are proud of and a culture that engages them, we can ensure they feel good about working for Lion. And an engaged workforce creates and delivers more positive experiences for others, internally and externally – which in turn, contributes to Lion’s long-term growth.

Our society

Our ability to sustain long-term growth is closely linked to the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. To ensure we are ’ helping people to live well’, we must produce and market responsible and sustainable products, demonstrate leading governance and marketplace practices, and ensure we source inputs ethically. The industries we operate in also need to be profitable, with balanced and rational regulatory environments.

We are committed to providing consumers with information about our products so they can make healthy lifestyle choices. We also play a role in the community effort to encourage healthy and responsible enjoyment of our products. We engage regularly with our stakeholders to ensure we meet their reasonable expectations.

Our Environment

We are committed to further reducing our environmental footprint, even as we grow our business. We have a strong record of investing in initiatives and programs that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and waste; and increase the recycled material in our packaging, as well as its recyclability. We are also committed to environmentally sustainable sourcing of inputs.

We have embedded strong environmental management systems across our various sites and have put in place clear environmental targets. Establishing, monitoring and measuring these targets help to ensure we remain accountable for our sustainability commitments.