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Get the Facts on Alcohol

The real prize in tackling misuse is a whole-of-community effort to champion positive social behaviour and consumption, while ensuring people have the information they need to make good choices when they are drinking.

Get the Facts on Alcohol

The vast majority of people in our region drink responsibly and sociably. For the minority who misuse alcohol, their behaviour is underpinned by a range of complex socio-cultural influences, primarily parental role modelling and peer group norms.

Culture is like a balloon. Unless you tackle the substance of the issue, you will simply displace it with unpredictable consequences. The real prize in tackling misuse is a whole-of-community effort to champion positive social behaviour, while taking a long hard look at how we transition our young people into adulthood and prepare them to navigate the drinking culture.

We must make a sustained effort to make it socially unacceptable to drink to the point of drunkenness and to behave in an anti-social manner, while providing people with the skills and knowledge they need to exercise personal and parental responsibility.

If you want to get schooled up on how to be an intelligent drinker or learn about positive parenting visit DrinkWise Australia or Cheers! New Zealand.

If you want more information on the nutrition and calorie content of your favourite tipple, you can find our Australian brands here and our New Zealand brands here

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