Australian Beer

Our Australian beer business boasts three out of the top five beer brands in the market, including XXXX GOLD, Tooheys New and Tooheys Extra Dry. Our portfolio also includes some of the nation’s fastest growing beer brands, such as Hahn Super Dry, XXXX Summer Bright Lager and James Boag’s Draught, and the leading light beer, Hahn Premium Light. In addition we have a stable of strong regional brands, such as West End Draught in South Australia, which is still the state’s market leader by some distance.

Lion Nathan Australian Beer

We also market and distribute a number of international brands under licence, including Kirin, Beck’s, Corona Extra and the Budweiser group of brands, while our joint venture with Heineken, Heineken Lion, provides for the local brewing, marketing and distribution of Heineken, Amstel and Birra Moretti in Australia.

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James Boag

James Squire

  • James Squire The Chancer
  • James Squire Australian Lager
  • James Squire Four Wives
  • James Squire Nine Tales
  • James Squire Stow Away
  • James Squire Jack of Spades


  • Emu Bitter
  • Emu Export
  • Emu Draft

West End Draught


  • Swan Draught

International Premium


  • Knappstein Reserve Lager
  • Kosciuszko Pale Ale
  • Bare Cove Radler
  • Southwark Bitter
  • Southwark Old Stout
  • Blue Bitter
  • Gold Bitter
  • Red Bitter
  • Ice Beer