Great Brands

Lion boasts an enviable brand portfolio spanning milk, juice, cheese, dairy products, soy beverages, beer, wine and spirits. Many of them are category leaders. Some of them are more than 100 years old.

Dairy & Drinks

Beer, Spirits & Wine

We are a brand building company, focused on growing our strongest brands and markets. We recognise the importance of clearly differentiating and developing our brands, to excite and engage our consumers and grow returns for our customers.


We make a best-practice investment in marketing – some 8-10 per cent of net revenue in our beer, spirits & wine business and 4-6 per cent in our branded dairy & drinks business.


We aim to clearly understand and predict consumer needs, both now and into the future. Our strong focus on innovation allows us to respond to these shifts, and ensures we can always deliver the right brand for every occasion.

We believe strong brands can play a positive role in helping consumers make educated choices about the food and beverage products they consume. Through our innovation pipeline we have led the way in delivering products that encourage positive consumption – including lower than full strength alcohol products and nutrient enriched food and beverage products that meet specific consumer wellbeing needs.

Responsible Marketing

We take great pride in being a responsible marketer, complying with the letter and spirit of highly effective legislation and self-regulatory best practice codes. We want our products to be consumed responsibly, both because it’s right, and because it will ensure the sustainability of our business well into the future.

Read more about our responsible marketing standards in the Lion Code for Responsible Marketplace Activity.