New Zealand Beer

Lion produces and markets six of the country’s top 10 beer brands, including Lion Red, brands from the Speight’s, Steinlager and Mac’s trademarks, and regional brands such as Waikato Draught and Canterbury Draught.

New Zealand Beer

We also market and distribute a number of international brands under licence, including Corona and the Budweiser group of brands, while our joint ventures with Diageo and Anheuser-Busch InBev provides for the local brewing, marketing and distribution of Guinness, Stella Artois and Beck’s in New Zealand.

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  • Steinlager Classic

  • Steinlager Pure

  • Steinlager Edge

  • Steinlager Premium Light



  • Mac’s Gold

  • Black Mac

  • Mac’s Sassy Red

  • Mac’s Great White

  • Mac’s Spring Tide

  • Mac’s Hop Rocker

  • Mac’s Light

  • Mac’s Isaac’s Cider

Lion Red

Waikato Draught

Canterbury Draught

  • Canterbury Draught

International Premiums

Other Domestic Brands

  • Lion Brown
  • Black Ice
  • Lion Ice
  • Light Ice
  • Rheineck
  • Tasman Bitter
  • Castlepoint
  • Greenstone Lager

Other Imported Brands

  • XXXX Bitter
  • Hahn Premium

New Zealand Beer nutritional information