Other Domestic Brands

Lion Nathan New Zealand produces and distributes a range of other beers that have been enjoyed by beer drinkers around the country for years – some dating back nearly 50 years. In addition to those featured here, we also produce and distribute Southern Draught and Southern Gold in the South Island.

Black Ice

Black IceBlack Ice is a very smooth, easy-drinking beer of unmatched refreshment. This is a moderately hoppy and fruity beer with floral and spicy characters.

The strong flavours of Black Ice are due to the higher alcohol content (5.2% ABV),  making it a great accompaniment with battered foods.


CastlepointCastlepoint is slightly sweeter with an underlining level of estery and fruity character. It has a moderate malty flavour, body and bitterness. Castlepoint goes perfectly with the varied Kiwi BBQ and is well matched with sirloin steak and chips, or the Kiwi classic fish and chips.

Greenstone Lager

Greenstone LagerThe brewing process for Greenstone Lager incorporates lager malts and hops including Super Alpha, Green Bullet and Pacific Gem – making a slightly hoppy, fruity beer with a moderate malty flavour and sweetness with slight to moderate bitterness.

This beer is a great match with meat straight off the BBQ, yet just as superb with hot and spicy dishes.

Light Ice

Light IceLight Ice is 99.9% fat free and has 30% fewer calories than full-strength beer.

Introduced in September 1996, Light Ice is a crisp, refreshing full-flavoured beer with the benefit of being lower in alcohol. It’s a lager beer that is malty with floral notes.


Lion Ice

Lion Ice is a clean, fresh and distinctive ice beer offering supurb refreshment. It is a very smooth, easy-drinking beer with a sweet, fruity aroma and a sweet and floral flavour.

The subtle flavour of Lion Ice is perfect for any simple seafood dish, but it is also an ideal contrast to hot and spicy Indian curries and tasty pizzas.


Lion Brown

Lion BrownLion Brown has been brewed with care and pride since 1953. It was originally known as Imperial Ale and later as the Brown Bomber – until it was given it’s current name of Lion Brown in 1972.

Lion Brown is a full-bodied, hoppy brew with a hint of sweetness. This solid, traditional New Zealand beer has a malty aroma and a nutty, biscuity note. Lion Brown is the perfect beer for food that is hot off the grill, like a rack of lamb.