Canterbury Draught

Canterbury Draught is also known as Ward’s beer, named after it’s founding brewer James Hamilton Ward. The Ward name is one of the oldest in New Zealand’s brewing history first appearing in 1854. Whilst the brand was renamed in 1990, Ward’s name remains on the label today. Each batch of Canterbury Draught is individually crafted in authentic copper vessels and combines the finest Canterbury malt, pure water fed from the Southern Alps and choice Nelson hops to create a full bodied, refreshing beer that truely captures the taste of the region.

Canterbury DraughtCanterbury Draught is a malty beer balanced with Nelson hops and rounded out with a hint of sweetness.  It is a beer with body and flavour that is easy-drinking and ideal to match to delicately flavoured meats such as pork, chicken and of course Canterbury lamb with minted potatoes.

Date of Launch 1854
Style Draught
ABV 4.0
Standard drinks 1.0/330ml
Total carbs g/100ml 3.0
Energy kj/100ml 139
Energy cal/100ml 34