West End

The West End Brewery in South Australia has been a major player in the state for more than 150 years. In addition to its many sponsorships, the Brewery and its brands are an intrinsic part of the local fabric, supporting traditions such as the annual Christmas Riverbank Display (since 1959), the West End Chimney unveiling for the SANFL Premiership (since 1954), and the most recent community fundraising initiative, the West End Water Fountain.

West End Draught

West End Draught bottleWest End Draught is a well-balanced lager with clean hop bitterness, and has been a favourite of South Australians for generations. Demonstrating it really does pay to be a local, West End Draught is still the market leader in South Australia by some distance.

Date of launch 1859
Style Australian Lager
ABV 4.5
Standard drinks 1.3/375ml
Total carbs g/100ml 2.7
Energy kj/100ml 153
Energy cal/100ml 37