Hahn Brewery was established in 1986 by Australia’s highest profile brewer, Dr Charles ‘Chuck’ Hahn. Since that time, we have sold over one billion litres of beer and have constantly improved and evolved our trademark with new product developments.

Today the Hahn Brewers continue to create quality beers to be enjoyed by all, passionately brewed for taste without compromise.

Hahn Super Dry

Hahn Super Dry bottleHahn Super Dry has been crafted with balance in mind. Full flavoured yet low in carbs, Hahn Super Dry is incredibly refreshing, using only the finest quality ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives.

An enhanced brewing process breaks down more of the natural sugars to deliver a genuine Super Dry taste, with only one third of the carbohydrates of standard full strength beers.

Date of Launch 2006
Style European Style Lager
ABV 4.6
Standard drinks 1.2/330ml
Total carbs g/100ml 0.9
Energy kj/100ml 126
Energy cal/100ml 30

Hahn Super Dry 3.5

Hahn Super Dry 3.5 bottleHahn Super Dry 3.5 is a premium low carb, mid strength lager, brewed using the finest ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives. An enhanced brewing process breaks down more of the natural sugars to deliver a genuine Super Dry taste, with only a third of the carbs of a regular beer.

Date of Launch 2009
Style Mid Strength Lager
ABV 3.5
Standard drinks 0.9/330ml
Total carbs g/100ml 1.0
Energy kj/100ml 104
Energy cal/100ml 25

Hahn Premium

Hahn Premium bottleHand crafted with higher malt levels and a blend of three special hops – including German Hersbrucker hops, which are grown on the Hersbruck Hills North of Munich –  Hahn Premium is a truly premium beer. The German hops add a high aroma value to the brew, with a relatively low level of bitterness. The hops are added very late in the brewing process to highlight their aromatic quality and provide a fresh, green and herbaceous aroma.

Date of Launch 1988
Style Premium Lager
ABV 5.0
Standard drinks 1.3/330ml
Total carbs g/100ml 3.2
Energy kj/100ml 173
Energy cal/100ml 41

Hahn Premium Light

Hahn Premium Light bottleHahn Premium Light is a superior tasting light beer that is brewed for full flavour and refreshment. The outstanding taste is achieved through modern brewing techniques, using the combination of imported hops and the finest Australian malt. It is Australia’s favourite premium light and has won more internationally recognised awards for excellence than any other light beer.

Date of Launch 1998
Style Light Lager
ABV 2.6
Standard drinks 0.8/375ml
Total carbs g/100ml 2.9
Energy kj/100ml 114
Energy cal/100ml 27

Hahn White

Hahn WhiteCatering to the Australian palate and climate, Hahn White has been brewed with malted barley and a lower percentage of wheat, to deliver an accessible and refreshing brew. Spiced with orange and coriander essences, Hahn White is best served the traditional Belgian way – with a slice of orange.

Date of Launch 2010
Style White Beer
ABV 4.2
Standard drinks 1.1/375ml
Total carbs g/100ml 1.1
Energy kj/100ml 124
Energy cal/100ml 27

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