Sydney, 25 March 2013

Lion has been informed by Hong Kong authorities that a sample taken from a PURA extended-­shelf-­life skim milk product, made in Australia for export, has failed a bacterial count test.  Lion is co-­operating fully with the authorities and has already withdrawn all PURA SKUs (fresh milk, skimmed and Hi-­Lo) from the Hong Kong market. 

While minimal information has been provided to Lion at this stage, the advice we have received suggests that this is an issue of product quality, not consumer safety. Lion is urgently undertaking additional third party testing to verify the facts and investigate the matter thoroughly. 

All PURA products undergo extensive testing at our Australian milk plant prior to export, to ensure the highest product safety and quality standards are upheld. This product was no exception, with all SKU’s passing Lion’s approved sampling & testing program. Consequently we are now in the process of determining whether the quality issue occurred during transport.

Lion remains committed to upholding the highest product safety and quality standards across its portfolio and will continue to work with the Hong Kong authorities and all stakeholders to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Further  information:

Leela Sutton
External Relations Director Lion Ltd
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